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The Missouri Athletic Club is a private Club by invitation only. 
The Missouri Athletic Club creates extraordinary experiences in all aspects of Club life and provides Members with access to racquet sports, swimming, basketball, golf reciprocals, fitness, massage and wellness, family and youth activities, four restaurants, social events and special interest groups.

To receive basic membership information and pricing, please complete the interest form below, and an automated response will be emailed to you.

Upon receiving that response, you may request additional information about the process of joining the MAC or to speak with someone on the Membership Team.

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Membership is by invitation. The MAC provides a family membership, which includes access to the MAC’s facilities and amenities for the Member, spouse or domestic partner, and dependent children under the age of 25. The membership also includes access to both Clubhouses, which are open seven days a week. A membership category is determined by their age or residence, and benefit levels are selected based on individual needs.

Membership provides access to both Clubhouses. When the MAC purchased the West Clubhouse in 1995 (formerly the Town & Country Racquet Club) our Members had the vision of one Club with two Clubhouses. To this day, we stand by that vision.

Yes. Each nominee must be proposed and seconded by current voting Members in good standing.

Yes, the MAC’s version of a social membership is the À La Carte membership. This provides Members the opportunity to dine at the Club’s restaurants, join our Clubs Within a Club, and attend social events throughout the year.


No, the MAC does not have contracts. We ask that our Members uphold our bylaws, which state that we require 30 days’ notice for resignation. We hope you stay a Member for many years; however, we allow memberships to be month to month to provide flexibility if needed.

Yes, we highly encourage you to bring friends and family with you to dine and socialize at the MAC. If your guests are interested in utilizing other Club amenities such as the pool, fitness center, or athletics, there will be a $12 per day per guest fee. Guests are not permitted to be on Club property without the Member present.

No, we do not. The MAC is a private Club owned and governed by its Members. Therefore, to create equality amongst all Members, we do not waive the initiation fee. This creates an environment where all Members contributed to the Club similarly upon joining. The initiation fee is put to good use making exciting improvements to both Clubhouse facilities. The initiation fee is non-refundable.

The MAC has had two assessments in the last 20-plus years. One funded the construction of our 1903 bar at the West Clubhouse, which opened in 2016. We do not have any assessments planned in the foreseeable future. Any future assessments would be proposed and voted on by the MAC Board of Governors (which is comprised of MAC Members).

All guests/nominees who are interested in applying for membership must fill out an application to be considered for membership. Each nominee must be proposed and seconded by current voting Members in good standing. Once a month, the Board of Governors will review nominations and extend membership invitations. After a nominee is approved and extended an invitation by the Board, they will receive a Member number. At that time, new Members may access the Club and utilize its amenities.

The MAC Board of Governors consists of 15 members elected by the Members. Each year, five new Governors are elected to the Board to serve a three-year term. The Board of Governors manages the property, affairs and business of the Club, and controls, regulates, and supervises the conduct of Members.

The dress code varies by location and area of the Club. However, overall the Club’s dress code is business casual. For more information, review our dress code here.

Yes, childcare is available to Members while using the West Clubhouse facilities. A mature and experienced staff will ensure your child’s experience is a pleasant one. Between playing games, building with Legos, coloring and the surplus of toys, there are plenty of activities to keep children entertained. Childcare is offered six days a week to accommodate our Members. Childcare costs $5 per hour for the first child, $3 per hour for the second, and $2 per hour for any additional children.