The Missouri Athletic Club does not limit members' use to a single golf course. Instead, the Club provides local and national golf options to members in a variety of ways.


Members receive special guest privileges at the following golf clubs:

  • Bogey Hills
  • Dalhousie Golf Club
  • Glen Echo Country Club
  • The Legends Golf Club
  • Panther Creek Country Club
  • St. Clair Country Club
  • Sunset Hills Country Club

Guest privileges are automatically included for Diamond Club and Platinum Partner Members. In most cases, members also have access to dining and other amenities along with golf, and all charges are billed back to the member's account.

Maria Palozola is the MAC's Head Golf Professional and owner of St. Louis Golf Lessons. With her staff, she offers golf instruction, programs and camps for MAC members only at a special rate. Palozola is a six-time Midwest Section Teacher of the Year and Top 50 LPGA Teacher.

Catering to members' special interests, the MAC offers numerous Clubs Within the Club, including a Golf Club where members enjoy playing golf together on a regular basis. Golf Club outings are not limited to golf in the St. Louis region and may include golf trips to some of the finest golf courses in the nation. During golf season, Thursday afternoon tee times are coordinated at all of the courses within the Golf Program. Other activities, including the club championship, take place throughout the year.
Benefits of joining the Golf Club include:

  • Official USGA GHIN
  • Discounts to each MAC Golf Club event
  • Priority access for participation in events
  • Access to the MAC Golf League

Urban Golf - MAC Partnership

Urban Golf of Greater St. Louis (UGOLF) prepares youth in Urban St. Louis to be successful beyond high school and exposes them to the vast community of golf.  Founded in 2020, Jerome Harris has secured partnerships and support from Gateway PGA Reach, Nike and the St. Louis Public School District. The MAC is proud to support UGOLF as part of the Club’s civic engagement initiative to prioritize community partnerships that lead to the growth, progress and success of the City of St. Louis.

Through golf education, after school programs and student support, Mr. Harris works with middle and high school students to build connection, trust and mentorship while introducing golf instruction, sportsmanship and exposing them to new possibilities.  He also collaborates with teachers to tie golf benefits into classroom curricula and introduce various career paths connected to the game of golf. 

Please contact Kara Kelpe [email protected] to offer your support through a charge to your MAC Member account.  A 501c3 tax deductible gift acknowledgement letter will be issued to each donor from Urban Golf of Greater St. Louis.

Donate Used Golf Clubs

Not only does UGOLF introduce the game of golf and basic golf instruction to students, but Mr. Harris makes sure that each student has access to their own set of golf clubs.  Having a properly fitting set of clubs makes all the difference in your golf swing and performance on the course, not to mention the impact it has on your game-play confidence and mental focus.  All used golf clubs are professionally re-fitted for UGOLF students and the mechanics of the refurbishment process are incorporated into UGOLF programming to truly expose students to all aspects of the game. Bring in your used golf clubs, and we will donate them to UGOLF!

Share Your Time and Grow the Game

MAC Member Alex Brockman is a “Champion” with UGOLF enthusiastically supporting its programming and providing mentorship to students like Lee Curtis. 

In addition to introducing golf instruction, Mr. Harris and UGOLF Champions connect with these students to build trust, provide mentorship and introduce them to possibilities outside of their immediate boundaries.  During Spring Break and Summer Break, UGOLF organizes college visits for participating students. They have traveled locally and also ventured to visit campuses like LSU – a truly unique opportunity for these teenagers to see a possible future beyond high school.

Look for more details on upcoming ways to connect one-on-one with UGOLF students over a shared interest in the game of golf.  Giving of your time through conversation, through on-course play, or by becoming a UGOLF Champion will have a profound impact on the lives of these students far beyond the game of golf.

To learn more about supporting UGOLF students and programming, please contact Kara Kelpe at [email protected] or 314-539-4408