Women of Distinction

Since 2011, the Missouri Athletic Club has annually honored six local women who have been revolutionary in business, civic engagement, philanthropic programs and mentorship. Our honorees have made significant impact in many different ways, but mostly through demonstrating excellence, growth, grit and empathy. Each year, the MAC continues the tradition of honoring six women, as well as honor one Rising Star. The Rising Star is someone 35 years of age or younger who is leading the next generation of professional women to new heights.  

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2021 Event

Thank you to everyone who was a part of our 2021 event on Oct. 1!

Adrian Bracy
Lisa Clark
Dr. Abby Hollander 
Ann Marr
Katrina Pon
Katie Rhoades
Rising Star: Katie Castree
Laura Holt
Stephanie Hosler
Tanya Quinn
Kathy Rehmer
Stacy Taubman
Donna Vandiver
Rising Star: Misty Farr
Rosemarie Brown
Nancy Hawes
Dena Ladd
Bonnie Laiderman
Shannon Woodcock
Batya Abramson-Goldstein
Tracy Hart
Christie Judd
Kathryn Love
Maureen Moore
Susan Trautman
Diane Compardo
Renee Ducker
Lori Eaton
Rose Hanley
Victoria James
Teresa Katubig
Dr. Denise Hooks-Anderson
Pat Joshu
Jennifer Obertino
Chief Justice Mary Russell
Dr. Blanche Touhill
Rep. Ann Wagner
Amy Berg
Cindy Erickson
LTG Kathleen Gainey
Debra Hollingsworth
Meredith Knopp
Kimberly Ritter
Maxine Clark
Eileen Hacker
Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge
Gail Jorgenson
Karen Rewerts
Deborah Wilson