Featured Artist Series

Presented by the MAC Art Society, invites local artists to exhibit their artwork in both Clubhouse lobbies for Members and guests to enjoy. All of the artwork displayed is available for purchase.  Please contact Kara Kelpe, kkelpe@mac-stl.org for more details.


June and July Featured Artists

Brian Kirchoff –  Restlessly creative with a career ranging from broadcast to graphic design to computer programming to painting.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve looked at things from an artistic standpoint.  The awareness that almost anything could be captured in a frame and displayed as art, and that someone somewhere would appreciate it.  My eye seeks out the patterns, the colors, contrasts, subtle value differences, bold lines, the whimsical and the downright ridiculous.

Sue Alexander –  I have my music degree in Piano Pedagogy and have been teaching for 35+ years, and painting since 2013.  The ocean, and specifically the east coast where I lived for 17 years, inspires my work, as does my experience working as a florist for 20 years.  I enjoy painting on canvas, jewelry, coasters and trivets.

Kathy Corey –  Originally from Key West, a descendant of seafarers, adventure seekers, and rapscallions lured by the ocean, my art is inspired by my heritage and love of the sea. My work is inspired by nature's glory, the vastness and power of the ocean and all things therein. The ever-changing sky with its grandeur of colors, clouds and space take my breath away. Island life, sundrenched children, and tropical gardens fill my canvases.

Candace Hyams – Growing up In St. Louis, Missouri with both parents being artists and historians, I was exposed to many different artistic outlets.  My love for the arts is in my blood, and painting is relaxing, rewarding and is my passion.  My acrylic paintings are classical naturalism with a whimsical flair and my subject matter can range from still life objects to portraits.

Kathy LaRue – Creativity has always been a big part of my life, and I have an eye for color.  Influenced by family members with artistic talents in various mediums, I enjoy exploring technique and various surface materials, layering and the application of color on canvas, jewelry, decorative objects.

Michael Edwin LaRue – My long life as a photographer is identical to my life as a musician.  It’s all about capturing the daily moments of inspiration along with my lifelong passion for all art and music and communicating those ideas of what I visualize in my mind’s eye and hear in the depths of my soul.

Elizabeth Moore – I am a fine artist and photographer who grew up in Denver as the oldest of twelve children and as a twin and began taking photos and painting in high school.   In the 1960s, I moved to St. Louis where I connected with local artists including my photographer husband.  We opened Moore Design Group in the 1990s.  I continue to be energized by the beautiful architecture and parks of St. Louis, and the landscape and gardens are a source of inspiration.

Nancy Van Ness - Communicating my feelings of joy, happiness and sadness through paint is my goal. The meditative feel of moving paint around a canvas and the therapeutic application of color is what I crave. I'm drawn to impressionist painting, inspired by Post Impressionism. Van Gogh, Renoir, Lucian Freud are my biggest inspirations. Showing the viewer part of the story and letting them form their own impression is important to me. Animal and figurative portraits give voice to some of the most important emotions of the human condition.

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